5 Nice Sunshine Ranch Horses selling

            1pm Saturday, September 14th, 2019 in Great Falls, Montana
                    Livestock Pavilion-Montana Expo Park
for more information call John or Candy at 406-278-3569

Lightwood Lot #56

Lightwood’s mother is a full sister to Tikki Wood. This colt is as good as we can offer you. He’ll be strong, athletic, quick footed, gentle and handsome! YA HOO We sure think he’d make a breeding horse, or one of the best geldings in Montana!




Tacks Frosty Girl Lot #26

Powerhouse and Pretty.Tacks Frosty Girl is strong, athletic, and very attractive. Her motther’s brothers are all in our saddle horse string and Tackatoo Rey is as good as we’ve ridden. This filly will be a nice addition to any family.


Teaks Cocoa Maid Lot #61

Teaks Cocoa Maid wil be a big, strong girl - and attractive! Her mother is a nice blend of Bue Valentine and Mr. Gunsmoke! Tikki Wood will add to her good disposition. She'll be the right kind to have on a Montana ranch.


Frosted Spice Lot #13


Frosted Spice will turn heads wherever he goes! The Tikki Wood colts are all strong, gentle and handsome. His mother is kind and gentle with just enough spark for a good day any time. He'll be the kind you'll never regret owning.


Teaks Stella Lot #42

Pretty, Pretty as fine a filly you’ll find anywhere and not a white hair on her. We called her a bay when we registered her, but she may be black or brown. Her mother comes from one of the best horse outfits in South Dakota, and we think her sire is one of Montana’s best. Shell be spunky, but kind and gentle to be one of your good ones.