Sunshine Ranch Mares


      We've had two horses that changed our horses dramatically here at the Sunshine Ranch. The first was Guatemala Canal. We lost him in 1998, but were lucky enough to have him bred to our best old mares, and mostly fillies were born in 1999. Those mares are the heart of our program. They're quiet, kind, and look and act like the type of horse we want to produce. The other horse that changed our horses was AP Frosty Knight. Many of his daughters are among our brood mares.

Mares and Colts run free under the Big Sky Montana

All our colts are born out in the big pastures of Montana
This is just to show big pastures, this is an old picture, these colts are sold


We are featuring three of our herd mares.
We feel that they exemplify our choice bloodlines.

Driftin Bar Girl


  Gray Chip


Sugar Tit

Double Drift Rose Wood


Miss Hondo

Dynaflow Drift Country Boy Lauro


Clyde Sis

King Bunny King Bunny McDuff

Tony Boy

Johnie Belle

White Lightning Ike Driftwood Ike


Hancock Belle

Ikes Bar Girl Katy Was a Lady

K4Hickory Skip

Katy Mas

Sandys Bar Girl Son of Bar Girl

Son O Sugar

Doc's Bar Girl

Sandy Peake

Speedy Peake

Sandy Rock



2. Continental Tikki

Unfortunately we lost Tikki in November 2014

  The Continental Frosty Money
Continental Fly   My Beaver
  My Beaver 6 Brown's Firefly
  War Concho War Chief
Conchos Lady 031   Brown Buelah
  Speedy Beth Driftwood Ike
    Squeeky Beth

3. Frosted Jaden

click here to see a complete 6 generation pedigree
you will needAcrobat Reader


   Sun Frost Docs Jack Frost
  Prissy Cline
AP Frosty Knight AP Knight Rapid Land
  Mary Dakota
  The Continental Torino
  Frosty Money
Fly With  The Lady Conchos Lady 031 War Concho
  Speedy Beth


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