Reference Sire

AP Frosty Knight
1994 Buckskin Stallion
AQHA No. 3311631

 We understand that God never made the perfect horse, but "Frost" was close enough for us. His disposition and attitude about the world were his greatest attributes. He was a strong breeder, passing on his size, good looks and conformation, but mostly his disposition to his progeny. These horses fit our operation and many others. We're riding his sons and daughters and grand sons and daughters. They are all remarkably similar. That's all we could ask from a stallion. We are very grateful to have owned AP Frosty Knight! A son of his, TIKKI WOOD is now in the Sunshine Ranch program full time.

 AP Frosty Knight

1994 Buckskin Stallion
AQHA No. 3311631

 Sun Frost

 Doc's Jack Frost

 Doc Bar  Lightning Bar by Three Bars
 Dandy Doll
 Chantella  War Chant by Three Bars
 Prissy Cline  Drifwood Ike  Driftwood
 Hancock Belle
 Josephine El  Super Charge
 Webb's Demon

AP Night

 Rapidland  Mr. Midland Double Bid
Midland Miss
 Roy's Rapid Miss  Roy Deck
Hi Gin Squaw
 Mary Dakota  Laughing Boy Lightning Bar
Bonnie A
 Scotch Mary Wyoming Mike
 Blue Bonnet N